Purpose #14: DeAngelo Crawford – Making A Difference Beyond Dialysis

Purpose #14: DeAngelo Crawford – Making A Difference Beyond Dialysis

In today’s episode, I talk with entrepreneur DeAngelo Crawford about his journey from learning his kidney was failing and going through dialysis to being inspired to start a business so he could leave a legacy for his daughter.

What I appreciate about DeAngelo is that his transplant didn’t stop with him. He has continued to share resources to help those in dialysis and is committed to helping others find a kidney transplant, and is also committed to helping find ways to improve their lives.

To learn more about DeAngelo, follow him at:

LinkedIn: DeAngelo on LinkedIn

Instagram: DeAngelo on Instagram

Website: Learn about Dawg Haus

Email: deangelo.crawford@me.com

Facebook: Learn more about the Kidney Failure Support Group

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Purpose #12: LaTosha Wilson – Your Story Is Important

Purpose #12: LaTosha Wilson – Your Story Is Important

In today’s episode, I am honored to talk with the wonderful wife, mother, and entrepreneur, LaTosha Wilson.

LaTosha is a geek turned fitness instructor that loves to dance. She is the creator and owner of fitness brands such as Pardio Fitness®, Hip Hop HIITs®, and Fitness for Followers™.

Her passion is to encourage and empower people to take ownership of their health through dance fitness by making it fun and challenging for all fitness levels. Her easy-to-follow choreography is simple for beginners, yet challenging enough for the most advanced athletes.

What I appreciate about LaTosha is her commitment to personal development and that we share a favorite book, The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino.

To learn more about LaTosha, follow her at:

LinkedInLaTosha on LinkedIn
WebsiteLaTosha at Pardio Fitness®
WebsiteLaTosha at Hip Hop HIITs®
Email: pardiofitness@gmail.com

Purpose #11: Amanda Bedell – You Have So Much More To Give In Life & Business

Purpose #11: Amanda Bedell – You Have So Much More To Give In Life & Business

In this episode, I talk with entrepreneur and business advisor Amanda Bedell about her journey of losing her father at a young age, building a bakery, and reconnecting with her purpose after selling her business.

Amanda invested over 15 years in the marketing and public relations fields serving multi-million dollar nonprofits and corporations in the entertainment industry. In between, she launched and subsequently sold a very successful gluten-free bakery.

What I appreciate about Amanda is her infectious energy. I always feel like I can take on the world after our conversations and I am excited to introduce you to her.

To learn more about Amanda, follow her at:

LinkedInAmanda on LinkedIn
WebsiteAmanda Bedell at BCC Business Consulting
Email: amanda@bccbusinessconsulting.com