In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Talya Davidoff.

Talya is a competitor & instructor with a Degree in Marine Biology from the University of Cape Town. She has a passion for marine apex predators as well as conserving the ocean and has worked on multiple projects like the SharkSafe Barrier alongside Michael Rutzen, and Coral Reef CPR with Dr. Andrew Bruckner.

Talya started diving competitively in 2018, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2019 and Breast Cancer in 2021, and has since fought through and overcome both. In 2021, Talya competed at the world’s most prestigious Freediving competition, Vertical Blue, where she broke 5 continental/national Records and placed 5th overall. She also competed at the CMAS world championship in Kas, Turkey – where she took 4 continental records and came in 2nd.

What I appreciate most about Talya is her humble, yet driven and optimistic attitude that has allowed her to develop and bring a deep sense of purpose and personal awareness to her life and relationships.

To learn more about Talya Davidoff, follow her at:

LinkedIn: Talya on LinkedIn
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