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Head Coach

Keith Sconiers

Keith Sconiers


In March of 2006, I finished my collegiate sports career and began my transition into life after sports. My girlfriend at the time had recently met a loan officer at a networking event while I was on a basketball trip and recommended I meet with him when I returned to discuss career opportunities.

I did.

That decision was the start of a string of jobs that I only lasted at for 6 months while trying to find a role that I could thrive in.

Finding something that I enjoyed and that would pay me what I was worth would take a decade.

It shouldn’t take that long, but it’s the story for many athletes and first-generation students after graduating from college.

I started Catalyst Training & Development to help former athletes avoid the humiliation and embarrassment I felt in trying to find a way to provide for myself and family after leaving college.

We help athletes define the future they want while also helping them attract the career or business they need to fulfill their personal and professional ambitions.

If you’re ready to redesign your life and attract the right career, fill out our questionnaire, and attach your resume by following the application link below.

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