Catalyst Presents:

Breakthrough Mentality

About The Book:

Life isn’t fair. In fact, life can be downright unjust, and yet we still encounter individuals that despite their circumstances, find a way to live life at the highest level. Whether it’s Victor Frankl who survived the concentration camps in Germany and went on to publish the bestselling book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Helen Keller who at the young age of 19 months lost her sight and hearing and went on to become a world famous author, speaker, and activist, or Frederick Douglass who was born into slavery and escaped to become one of the most revered statesmen in the history of America, these individuals embodied the essence of the “Breakthrough Mentality”.

The Breakthrough Mentality book shares the stories of individuals from all walks of life who have used their “Breakthrough Mentality” to rise above their circumstances to create success on their terms.

In this book, you will learn from multiple authors on:

  • How to develop your “Breakthrough Mentality”.
  • How to convert adversity to advantage.
  • How to achieve your goals, regardless of your circumstances.

If you are wanting to learn how to “Breakthrough” and experience life on your terms, this book is for you!

The Breakthrough Mentality book is a co-author project and we are currently interviewing potential co-authors. If you’d like to discuss contributing a chapter, follow the scheduling link to set up an appointment.