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Our Purpose

For decades, we’ve been told the key to long-term success in life is finding what you love, yet engagement at work is at an all-time low, and burnout, stress, employee turnover, divorce, frustration, and mental health issues are at an all-time high, especially among entrepreneurs.

The reality is we all need a new playbook + mental operating system to operate at our highest potential to achieve our goals.

The purpose of Catalyst Training + Development is to help entrepreneurs determine who they are, what they want, and how to achieve it in a way that honors their core values and purpose so they can live a fulfilled life without burnout, stress, fatigue + frustration.

Our Mission

A Purpose-Driven Story

Keith Sconiers


In 2016, I sat across the table from the owner of a Thai restaurant and listened to him talk about the way my employer was mistreating him. This made me think about the entrepreneurs I was raised around and how important they are to our communities. Not only that, but how important it is for them to have advisors, service providers, and organizations that care about helping them succeed. As someone who was raised in a challenging environment as an at-risk youth, it was the entrepreneurs I had access to that inspired me to overcome my circumstances. That afternoon, after advocating for the restaurant owner and being shut down, I immediately decided to resign from the company. I resigned because I knew the company no longer aligned with my core values. I formed Catalyst Training + Development to help entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams by providing them with the advisory support they need to run a profitable, purpose-driven company.

Our team

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Keith Sconiers, Advisor

Elizabeth Sconiers, Advisor

Jolie Clausen, Operations

Imran Haider, Advisor


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Our coaching process helps our clients discover clarity around their values, purpose, outcomes, and profession.


Our education services help our clients develop the social, emotional, and technical skills they need to thrive.

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Our business planning services help our clients develop clarity and business strategies that are aligned with their purpose + core values.


Our network of entrepreneurs, experts, and advisors provide our clients with "just-in-time" advice to bring their business plans to life.

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Our consulting services helps our clients develop personal + business strategies to maximize growth opportunities.


Our talent acquisition partners empower our clients to uncover opportunities that increase their market share.

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